Ankit Bhamri

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The work described in this paper proposes two Smart Hybrid-Automatic Repeat Request (SHARQ) schemes with incremental redundancy, that are developed for a dual-hop network of two relays implementing cooperative communication. In a dual-hop network consisting of multiple relays, one of the most challenging tasks is to determine an appropriate trade-off point(More)
The market success of broadband multimedia-enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops is increasing the demand for wireless data capacity in mobile cellular systems. In order to meet such requirements, the introduction of advanced techniques for increasing the efficiency in spectrum usage was required. Multi User -Multiple Input Multiple(More)
Mobile devices have evolved remarkably over the last decade and are now being utilized to access much broader range of internet applications. Moreover, their capability to simultaneously run many applications has significantly transformed the traffic characteristics of mobile networks. Quality of service (QoS) is a fundamental component associated with(More)
Wireless networks are evolving continuously and expected to provide seamless experience for multiple real-time internet applications. Quality-of-service is one of the major component associated with user experience. In this paper, we have considered the provisioning of desired QoS to mobile users that are capable of running multiple internet applications in(More)
Multi-user MIMO communication can provide significant gains by exploiting spatial multiplexing. However, it requires better feedback to provide accurate channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT) for minimizing the multiuser interference. 3GPP LTE provides support for MU-MIMO, but it is not sufficient to extract sizable gains. In this paper, our(More)
5G networks are expected to support significantly higher data rates than legacy networks through ultra-dense deployment of networks, higher system bandwidths and higher spectral efficiency. Such networks would also be supporting a diverse set of use cases in order to provide connectivity solutions for other industry verticals. One of the key requirements of(More)