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We have reviewed 46 posterior fracture dislocations of the hip treated at the University of Alabama in Birmingham Hospitals and the Birmingham Veterans Administration Hospital from 1963 to 1973. Of the 13 injuries which were followed up for at least one year, there were two good, five fair, and six poor clinical results. One instance of aseptic necrosis was(More)
Propiverine is a commonly used antimuscarinic drug used as therapy for symptoms of an overactive bladder. Propiverine is extensively biotransformed into several metabolites that could contribute to its spasmolytic action. In fact, three propiverine metabolites (M-5, M-6 and M-14) have been shown to affect various detrusor functions, including contractile(More)
One hundred sixty-two cases of unstable intertrochanteric fractures treated by anatomic reduction and compression hip screw fixation were reviewed. One hundred twenty-four of these patients were followed up for an average of 19.2 months. Loss of fixation, with varus angulation of the fracture, occurred in five patients, a 4% incidence of failure. One(More)
Collagen fibers composed of type I collagen molecules were studied for biocompatibility and mechanical properties. These fibers were crosslinked using two different processes: 1) glutaraldehyde, 2) dehydration followed by exposure to cyanamide (DHT/C); the latter method produces only urea as a by-product of the crosslinking process and is postulated to be(More)
The consequences of release of carbon debris within the synovial joint are of interest to surgeons contemplating the intra-articular repair of cruciate-deficient knees with a carbon fiber-based material. Coverage of carbon fiber implants with absorbable polymer as well as autogeneic graft material has resulted in surgical procedures that minimize potential(More)
A reviews of 13 cases of symptomatic isolated congenital cervical fusion (block vertebrae) below the C2 level is presented. Ten cases were collected from a review of the English literature and three new cases were added. All 13 patients presented neurologic symptoms of radiculopathy and/or myelopathy with either no history of trauma or only minor trauma.(More)
Soft tissue structures can be replaced by a filamentous carbon-polylactic acid polymer tissue scaffold. A successful replacement requires a secure bond between the synthetic material and living soft tissue. This attachment has been investigated in a rabbit model. In 23 male, white New Zealand rabbits, the proximal third of the Achilles tendon of the hind(More)
The benefits of cytology-based cervical cancer screening programs in reducing morbidity and mortality are well recognized. Especially, overtreatment of human papillomavirus (HPV) high-risk positive early dysplastic lesions may have a negative impact on reproductive outcomes for fertile women. To optimize the clinical management an objective standard is(More)