Anke V Jacobs

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OBJECTIVE The authors conducted a retrospective cohort study to determine the incidence, bacteriological features, and risk factors for postcraniotomy meningitis. METHODS Patients older than 18 years who underwent nonstereotactic craniotomies between January 1996 and March 2000 and who survived for more than 7 days were included. Operations for placement(More)
AIMS Although Myroides spp. are primarily isolated from clinical sources, they have also been isolated from freshwater fish, stainless steel weldment and catheter biofilms. The ability of these nonmotile isolates to adhere to surfaces and the role of hydrophobicity and autoaggregation were investigated. METHODS Adherence of Myroides odoratus isolates from(More)
Would you choose a dental degree? Sir, a recently conducted poll on the GDPUK online forum asked the question ‘Would you consider a dental degree now?’ Responses were made by 148 dentists (who validate their forum membership with a GDC number); 67% would now not consider a career in dentistry if they were starting over, and only 18% of respondents would(More)
We studied recruitment behavior of the slavemaking ant Polyergus breviceps,which typically raids colonies of Formica gnava.The first test series demonstrated the importance of social context, by showing that recruitment was high during raiding, but virtually absent during preraid circling and during the return trip after a slave raid. The second test series(More)