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A role for CENP-A/Cse4 phosphorylation on serine 33 in deposition at the centromere
The data highlight the importance of correct histone deposition in building a functional centromeric nucleosome and suggests a role for Cse4-S33ph in this process. Expand
The kinetochore module Okp1CENP‐Q/Ame1CENP‐U is a reader for N‐terminal modifications on the centromeric histone Cse4CENP‐A
The results demonstrate that the Okp1/Ame1 heterodimer is a reader module for posttranslational modifications on Cse4, thereby targeting the yeast CCAN complex to centromeric chromatin. Expand
Division of labour: tRNA methylation by the NSun2 tRNA methyltransferases Trm4a and Trm4b in fission yeast
TRNA methylome analysis determined the dependence of cytosine-5 methylation (m5C) tRNA methylation in vivo on the two enzymes Trm4/NSun2, which shows an unusual separation of activities of the NSun2/Trm4 enzymes that are united in a single enzyme in other eukaryotes like humans, mice and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Expand
Dynamics of SAS-I mediated H4 K16 acetylation during DNA replication in yeast
It is found that H4 K16Ac appears in chromatin immediately upon replication, and this increase depends on the presence of functional SAS-I complex, which indicates that SAS-i has cellular functions beyond preventing the spreading of heterochromatin. Expand