Anke Rentsch

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BACKGROUND Initially, unresectable colorectal liver metastases can be resected after response to chemotherapy. While cetuximab has been shown to increase response and resection rates, the survival outcome for this conversion strategy needs further evaluation. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients with technically unresectable and/or ≥5 liver metastases were(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to describe the physician prescription pattern for frail elderly patients in German nursing homes and to identify differences, if any, between that of physicians based in the nursing homes (A) and those with office-based practices (B). METHODS Retrospective, longitudinal study of medication prescriptions on the basis(More)
PURPOSE Studies have shown that GIPC1/Synectin is an essential adaptor protein of receptors that play an important role in cancer progression and therapy resistance. This is the first study to explore the role of GIPC1/Synectin in radioresistance of prostate cancer and as a possible predictive marker for outcome of primary radiation therapy. MATERIALS AND(More)
A better understanding of patients’ views on the benefit and burden obtained from palliative chemotherapy would facilitate shared decision making. We evaluated palliative cancer patients’ reported outcomes (PROs) for toxicity and investigated the survival threshold for which they would repeat chemotherapy (CTx). Patients who had received a minimum of three(More)
Cancer patients suffer from a variety of physical and mental complaints. Since physician assessment of symptoms seems insufficient to reveal the complete range of patients’ ailments, patient-reported outcomes (PRO) have become of key importance in modern cancer treatment. The implementation and first results of a systematic electronic real-time assessment(More)
Social bonds reflect specific and enduring relationships among conspecifics. In some group-living animals, they have been found to generate immediate and long-term fitness benefits. It is currently unclear how important and how widespread social bonds are in animals other than primates. It has been hypothesized that social bonds may help in establishing(More)
To determine, whether age, sex, grade of need of care and living in nursing homes can influence prescribing behavior in elderly. In a retrospective and longitudinal study, the pattern of psychoactive drug prescriptions of nursing home residents was compared with non-institutionalized people with and without need of care. During 1999, the computerized files(More)
BACKGROUND There is a lack of data about drug use patterns in young women. Mental disorders may influence those drug use patterns. OBJECTIVE To evaluate drug use patterns (prescribed drugs, self-medication) in general and in relation to the prevalence rates of mental disorders in young German women. METHODS A total of 2064 women (18-24 y old), obtained(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Even in young adult age, psychological disorders are highly prevalent. Family doctors and gynaecologists are the physicians most often consulted by young women. Hence, they have a special responsibility to diagnose psychiatric disorders and--if necessary--to refer to a specialist. PATIENTS AND METHODS In a prospective(More)
Objective: To evaluate the prevalence rates of Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and comorbidity in a representative sample of young women. Methods: 2064 young women, aged 18–25 years, living in Dresden (Germany), were interviewed with a structured psychological interview, F-DIPS, for diagnosing axis-I disorders according to DSM-IV (Diagnostic and(More)