Anke Mussmann

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Vacuolar-vesicular protein sorting (Vps) factors are involved in vesicular trafficking in eukaryotic cells. We identified the missense mutation L967Q in Vps54 in the wobbler mouse, an animal model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and also characterized a lethal allele, Vps54(beta-geo). Motoneuron survival and spermiogenesis are severely compromised in the(More)
The autosomal recessive mutation wobbler of the mouse (phenotype WR; genotype wr/wr) causes muscular atrophy due to motoneuron degeneration with 100% penetrance on the standard Mus musculus laboratorius C57BL/6J background. In inter- and backcrosses with M. m. castaneus strain CAST/EI we have observed a variability in the severity of neurological symptoms.(More)
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