Anke M Janssen

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Reactive oxygen metabolites are implicated in the initiation and promotion of cancer. In addition, oxidant scavengers, such as manganese--(Mn-SOD) and copper/zinc--superoxide dismutase (Cu/Zn-SOD), are thought to contribute to colorectal cancer treatment response. In the present study, the prognostic significance of the Mn- and Cu/Zn-SOD antigen content of(More)
Practically all foods contain particles. It has been suggested that the presence of particles in food may affect the perception of sensory attributes. In the present study we investigated the effect of size and type (hardness and shape) of particles added to a CMC based vanilla custard dessert. The two types of particles included in the study were silica(More)
The effect of adding saliva or a saliva-related fluid (alpha-amylase solution and water) to custard prior to ingestion on the sensory ratings of odour, flavour and lip-tooth-, mouth- and after-feel sensations was investigated. Saliva had previously been collected from the subjects and each subject received his/her own saliva. Sixteen subjects from a trained(More)
Here we review the role of oral movements in the perception of food attributes, particularly for semi-solid and liquid foods ingested almost in ready-to-swallow form. An overview of a series of instrumental and sensory studies suggests clear links between the type of sensation and the time point of processing in the mouth. Some commonly-reported sensations,(More)
This study examined the effect of oral and product temperature on the perception of texture and flavor attributes. A trained panel assessed 21 texture and flavor attributes in one high-fat and one low-fat product of two semi-solids: custard dessert and mayonnaise. The products were evaluated at 10, 22 or 35 degrees C in combination with oral temperatures of(More)
The Landau-Kleffner syndrome is a childhood disorder associating a loss of previous acquired speech with seizures and bilateral abnormalities on the EEG. The precise aetiology of this syndrome is unknown. Epilepsy is easily regulated by anticonvulsants. However, the aphasia is a more persistent defect and recovery is incomplete in 2/3 of the cases despite(More)
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