Anke Möser

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In Germany, the rising importance of out-of-home consumption, increasing usage of convenience products and decreasing knowledge of younger individuals how to prepare traditional dishes can be seen as obvious indicators for shifting patterns in food preparation. In this paper, econometric analyses are used to shed more light on the factors which may(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine associations between maternal employment and time spent engaging in nutrition-related behaviours among mothers and children using a nationally representative sample of households in West and East Germany. DESIGN A cross-sectional analysis was performed using time-use data for a sample of mother-child dyads. Associations between(More)
* Financial support provided by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft in the project “Intertemporal Price Formation in the Grocery-retailing Sector: Theory and Empirical Tests” (He 1419/8-1) is gratefully acknowledged. This project made it possible to use the scanner dataset on which the empirical analysis is based. Thanks are due to seminar participants in the(More)
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