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Greed and Grievance in Civil War
We investigate the causes of civil war, using a new data set of wars during 1960-99. We test a `greed’ theory focusing on the ability to finance rebellion, against a`grievance’ theory focusing onExpand
GMM Estimation of Empirical Growth Models
This Paper highlights a problem in using the first-differenced GMM panel data estimator to estimate cross-country growth regressions. When the time series are persistent, the first-differenced GMMExpand
Breaking the Conflict Trap: Civil War and Development Policy
Most wars are now civil wars. Even though international wars attract enormous global attention, they have become infrequent and brief. Civil wars usually attract less attention, but they have becomeExpand
On economic causes of civil war
The authors investigate whether civil wars have economic causes. The model is based on utility theory, rebels will conduct a civil war if the perceived benefits outweigh the costs of rebellion. UsingExpand
The Augmented Solow Model and the African Growth Debate
Using panel data the question whether Africa's growth performance can be accounted for is analysed in the framework of the augmented Solow model. OLS levels results suggest that the model cannotExpand
On the Incidence of Civil War in Africa
An econometric model of civil war is applied to the analysis of conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Results show that Africa has had a similar incidence of civil conflict to other developing regions,Expand
On the Duration of Civil War
This article explores empirically the duration of civil war. It relates the duration of civil war to two alternative models of conflict and culls testable hypotheses from the case study literature onExpand
Aid, Policy, and Growth in Post-Conflict Societies
Countries emerging from civil war attract both aid and policy advice. This paper provides the first systematic empirical analysis of aid and policy reform in the post-conflict growth process. It isExpand
Beyond greed and grievance: feasibility and civil war
A key distinction among theories of civil war is between those that are built upon motivation and those that are built upon feasibility. We analyze a comprehensive global sample of civil wars for theExpand
Need, Merit, or Self-Interest: What Determines the Allocation of Aid?
Previous studies into aid allocation have concluded that foreign aid is allocated not only according to development needs but also according to donor self-interest. We revisit this topic and allowExpand