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An international working party was convened in Rome, Italy on 16-17 June, 2005, with the purpose of developing a consensus on the application of the circular stapling instrument to the treatment of certain rectal conditions, the so-called Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection (STARR). Since the procedure has been submitted to only limited objective analysis it(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the outcome of both laparoscopic suture rectopexy and resection-rectopexy in the treatment of complete and incomplete rectal prolapse, outlet obstruction, or both. METHODS Data from surgery were collected prospectively. Semiannual follow-up was performed by assessment of recurrence, continence, and constipation(More)
AIM The OTSC Proctology is a surgical device for anorectal fistula closure. It consists of a super-elastic nitinol clip, which is placed (with the aid of a transanal applicator) on the internal fistula opening to achieve healing of the fistula track. A prospective, two-centre clinical pilot study was undertaken to assess the efficacy and safety of the OTSC(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility and safety of laparoscopic surgery for the cure of colorectal cancer with emphasis on oncologic follow-up in particular. METHODS A study was performed of patients with colorectal cancer treated by laparoscopy in five German centers between May 1991 and September 1997. Surgical and pathologic data(More)
OBJECTIVE 'Fast-track' rehabilitation has been shown to accelerate recovery, reduce general morbidity and decrease hospital stay after elective colonic surgery. Despite this evidence, there is no information on the acceptance and utilization of these concepts among the entirety of Austrian and German surgeons. METHOD In 2006, a questionnaire concerning(More)
This document contains the guidelines of the German Societies of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, Gastroenterology (committee for proctology), Abdominal Surgery (coloproctology working group), and Coloproctology for anorectal manometry in adults. Recommendations are given about technical notes, study preparation (equipment; patient), technique for(More)
Within 4 years 66 laparoscopic rectopexies were performed. The indications were: rectal prolapse, morphologic outlet-constipation and a combination of both. Using a modified suture rectopexy (according to Sudeck), we did not take any foreign material and resected the sigmoid in 35 patients. Conversion rate was 2%, complications that needed reoperation(More)
Minimal-invasiver Zugang zum Handgelenk zur Diagnostik und Therapie verschiedenster Handgelenkpathologien. Diagnostik des Knorpelzustands, intraartikulärer ligamentärer Strukturen, posttraumatischer und entzündlicher Krankheitszustände sowie unklarer chronischer Schmerzzustände des Handgelenks. Therapie des Ulnaimpaktionssyndroms, dorsaler Ganglien, additiv(More)
Laparoscopic colorectal procedures for treatment of benign disorders are increasingly appreciated. However, laparoscopic resections for rectal cancer are controversial. In the Department of Surgery at the Medical University of Lübeck 25 patients with rectal cancer were treated by laparoscopic procedures within four years. Using four trocars the(More)
BACKGROUND Sacral neuromodulation (SN) is an emerging treatment for constipation. This review evaluates the mechanism of action, techniques, efficacy, and adverse effects of SN in the management of constipation. METHODS Electronic searches for studies describing the use of SN were performed in PubMed, MEDLINE and Embase. Abstracts were reviewed and full(More)