Anke Heber

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It has previously been shown that a proportion of middle T antigen molecules exist in a stable complex with pp60c-src. Here we show that there appears to be a third component to the complex, a protein of molecular mass 81 kd (p81). p81 was phosphorylated exclusively on tyrosine residues in kinase assays performed using immunoprecipitates from polyoma(More)
The long terminal repeat of Moloney Murine Sarcoma Virus (MoMSV) contains an imperfect direct repeat that serves as a strong transcriptional enhancer. The strength of the MoMSV enhancer is strongly dependent on the presence of glucocorticoid hormone. Mapping studies in combination with DNAase I footprinting experiments define the presence of glucocorticoid(More)
BACKGROUND Many human and animal studies have shown the influence of nicotine and caffeine on pain perception and processing. This study aims to investigate whether smoking or caffeine consumption influences trigeminal pain processing. METHODS Sixty healthy subjects were investigated using simultaneous recordings of the nociceptive blink reflex (nBR) and(More)
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