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Die periphere Fazialisparese geht oft mit unvollständigem Lidschluß einher und kann zu einer Keratopathie unterschiedlichen Schweregrades bis hin zum Hornhautulkus führen. Die konservativen Therapiemaßnahmen sind unbefriedigend, zudem stellt das Tragen eines Uhrglasverbands eine erhebliche kosmetische Beeinträchtigung dar. Zur Verbesserung des Lidschlusses(More)
Peripheral facial paralysis is often accompanied by incomplete closure of the lid. In the past, tarsorrhaphy has been the primary method for achieving improved eyelid closure, but it has functional and cosmetic drawbacks.As an alternative, a gold weight implant has been used for closure of the upper lid by gravity and, ifnecessary, can be combined with(More)
Peripheral facial paresis is often accompanied by incomplete closure of the eyelids and may lead to varying degrees of keratopathy. Conservative therapeutic measures are often not sufficient. To achieve better lid closure tarsorraphy has been the primary method of treatment but has certain functional and cosmetic drawbacks for the patient. Alternatively(More)
Lid-loading with precious metals, described by Illig in 1958, has become increasingly important. Because of its good functional and cosmetic results this method is superior to tarsorrhaphy. Furthermore, lid-loading can be combined with additional surgical techniques to achieve more dynamic lid-closure. In a prospective study we examined the results after(More)
Lid retraction in thyroid ophthalmopathy may lead to cosmetic and functional problems. Many surgical procedures are available to correct upper lid retraction. Only those procedures should be used that lead either to a limited lid lengthening or can be reversed in cases with complications. Upper lid gold weight implantation was first used to treat(More)
AIM Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the upper eyelid attempts to restore aesthetic or functional deficits. Knowing of the anatomic relationships in these structures is very important. The aim of our study was to assess by ultrasound the upper eye lid tarsal curvature changes depending on movement of the bulbus. METHODS In 50 people with healthy(More)
The density of intramembranous protein particles was studied by freeze-fracture. Particle density on the fracture faces of the plasmalemma and the rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER), as well as the outer and inner membranes of the nucleus and the mitochondria in rat hepatocytes were quantified. Comparison among different age groups sampled days postcoitum(More)
Centralis serosa retinopathy is regarded in ophthalmology as a psychosomatic disease, although this assumption has not been satisfactorily proven so far. With the use of the Freiburg Personality Inventory (FIP, [4]), the questionnaire for the evaluation of psychosomatic pathological processes [10], and by recording the affliction undergone by stressful(More)
Die Lidretraktion bei endokriner Orbitopathie kann zu kosmetischen und funktionellen Problemen führen. Es stehen mehrere operative Verfahren zur Korrektur der Oberlidretraktion zur Verfügung, wobei nur Verfahren angewandt werden sollten, die entweder zu einer beschränkten Lidverlängerung führen oder bei Komplikationen partiell rückgängig gemacht werden(More)
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