Anke Dieter

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The new, highly oxygenated angucyclinone gephyromycin was isolated from an extract of a Streptomyces griseus strain. Its unprecedented ether-bridged structure was elucidated by NMR methods and substantiated by single crystal X-ray analysis. The absolute configuration was evidenced by quantum chemical CD calculations. Gephyromycin exhibits glutaminergic(More)
Alkaliphilic streptomycetes strains were included in our HPLC-diode array screening program for detection of novel secondary metabolites. Strain AK 623, which was isolated from a pine wood soil collected at Hamsterley Forest, County Durham, UK, became attractive because of the appearance of a prominent peak in the HPLC chromatogram which did not correspond(More)
The new aromatic polyketides genoketide A1, genoketide A2 and prechrysophanol glucuronide are biosynthetic intermediates of the octaketide chrysophanol. They were isolated from the alkaliphilic strain Streptomyces sp. AK 671 together with the new metabolite chrysophanol glucuronide. The structures of the compounds were elucidated by mass spectrometry and(More)
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