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The elastic behavior of total elastin (EE) and collagen (EC) and the recruitment of collagen fibers (FC) supporting wall stress at a given transmural pressure level were assessed in seven conscious dogs using descending thoracic aortic pressure (microtransducer) and diameter (sonomicrometer) measurements. Stress-strain relationships values calculated at(More)
OBJECTIVES We compared single-point cardiac troponin T (cTnT) measurements with parameters from serial sampling during 96 h after acute myocardial infarction with magnetic resonance imaging measured infarct mass. BACKGROUND Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (CE-MRI) allows exact quantification of myocardial infarct size. Clinically, measurement(More)
We compared the properties of common carotid and femoral arteries of 16 normotensive and 14 hypertensive men. Arterial pressure and diameter were recorded noninvasively in each vessel by tonometric and echotracking devices. The x-y composition of pressure and diameter waves provided the diameter-pressure hysteresis loop. The elastic diameter-pressure curve(More)
This article presents findings from a before-and-after study of the effects of neighbourhood renewal on residents' health. Survey data were analysed using multivariate logistic regression. Before the renewal programme, damp and draughts had significant independent effects on respiratory health problems. Draughts and perceived community safety were(More)
The objective of this investigation was to determine the diagnostic value of unilateral edema in differentiating benign from malignant breast disease on T2w-TSE images in MR-Mammography (MRM). All patients from a 10-year period undergoing surgery in the same institution after having received MRM in our department were included in this prospective analysis(More)
Since resistance to flow is theoretically determined by arteriolar geometry and blood viscosity, we studied these two factors in 44 normal and 106 hypertensive subjects. Brachial bed vascular resistance was calculated as the ratio between mean pressure and brachial artery flow. Systemic blood viscosity in vitro was determined at 96 per s, while microvessel(More)
AIM We determined the wall mechanical response of the pulmonary artery (PA) to acute pulmonary hypertension induced pharmacologically and by an occlusion maneuver, to study the vascular response of the local segment and its influence in the whole pulmonary circulation. METHODS Pulmonary pressure and diameter were measured in six anaesthetized sheep under(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to evaluate the relationship between carotid intima-media thickness (IMT) and arterial wall inertial behaviour. METHODS The simultaneous and noninvasive assessment of the intima-media complex and arterial diameter waveform was performed using high-resolution ultrasonography. The common carotid artery of eleven(More)
1 Hepatic blood flow was determined before and during (+)- and (+/-)-propranolol plasma concentration plateaus in 19 patients with suspected renal hypertension and normal liver function. 2 Hepatic blood flow significantly decreased (P less than 0.001) during (+/-)-propranolol administration and remained unchanged during (+)-propranolol administration. 3(More)
Erythrocyte aggregation, which plays an important role in the physiological behavior of blood fluidity, was found to be enhanced in hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. While the role of macromolecule bridging force has been widely described, cellular factors related to membrane sialic acid content, which might contribute to the negative charge of cell(More)