Anke Buchauer

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Mobile information and communication systems in clinical routine have the potential to greatly improve communication, facilitate information access, eliminate double documentation, and increase quality of patient care in the long run. Projects to date have focused, for the most part, on highly specialized applications of the mobile computer. In our research(More)
Information management in hospitals is a complex task. In order to reduce complexity, we distinguish strategic, tactical, and operational information management. This is essential, because each of these information management levels views hospital information systems from different perspectives, and therefore uses other methods and tools. Since all these(More)
To evaluate the idea of a multifunctional mobile pen computer to support information processing tasks of health care professionals we carried out a field study. On a tablet-sized mobile pen computer we set up a health professional workstation, MEDIAS/WIN, with most of the application systems that are presently used by health professionals at Heidelberg(More)
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