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Morbus Wilson, or Wilson's disease, is a genetic disease of copper metabolism. Usually the disease is detected when the first clinical symptoms appear, generally not before 5 years of age. This case report shows that the disease can be detected much earlier if abnormal laboratory findings in the patient's history prompt further investigations.
Women’s overall quality of life prior to delivery and the changes expected by the mothers within the near future have been analyzed addressing items like employment, finances, housing and relationships to family, friends and neighbours. Population based women were asked to answer a questionnaire (Survey of Neonates in Pomerania – SNiP) during their stay at(More)
Background ▼ Plasmapheresis and immunoadsorption (IA) are methods of therapeutic apheresis in autoimmune neurologic diseases which are save in adults and children. Plasmapheresis may be replaced by IA in future due to a superior safety profi le in combination with equivalent effi cacy [ 4 ] . Depending on the pathomechanism of the particular disease effi(More)
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