Anke Bachelier

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We report the identification of the sesquiterpene lactones cnicin and cynaropicrin as potent, irreversible inhibitors of the bacterial enzyme MurA. They covalently bind to the thiol group of Cys115. Judging from the structure-activity relationships, we conclude that the unsaturated ester side chain of cynaropicrin and cnicin is of particular importance for(More)
Virological 1 examination of a severe infectious bronchitis (IB)-like field case in laying hens, led to the isolation of a coronavirus antigenically different from Massachusetts, Connecticut and four Dutch IB variant strains. The virulence of the isolate for the fowl, and its dual tropism for the respiratory and genital tracts were demonstrated. In(More)
Absorption of L-M and L-N transitions of nickel has been measured using point projection spectroscopy. The x-ray radiation from laser-irradiated gold cavities was used to heat volumetrically nickel foils "tamped with carbon" up to 20 eV. Experimental spectra have been analyzed with calculations based on the spin-orbit split arrays statistical approach and(More)
The enzyme MurA (UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase) catalyzes the first cytoplasmatic step in the synthesis of murein precursors. This function is of vital relevance for bacteria, and the enzyme therefore represents an important target protein for the development of novel antibacterial compounds. Several X-ray structures of liganded and(More)
We present the results of a benchmark experiment aimed at validating recent calculation techniques for the emission properties of medium and high-Z multicharged ions in hot plasmas. We use space- and time-resolved M-shell x-ray spectroscopy of a laser-produced gas jet xenon plasma as a primary diagnostic of the ionization balance dynamics. We perform(More)
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