Anju Sharma

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A QSAR study was performed on curcumine derivatives as HIV-1 integrase inhibitors using multiple linear regression. The statistically significant model was developed with squared correlation coefficients (r(2)) 0.891 and cross validated r(2) (r(2) cv) 0.825. The developed model revealed that electronic, shape, size, geometry, substitution's information and(More)
In data grids scientific and business applications produce huge volume of data which needs to be transferred among the distributed and heterogeneous nodes of data grids. Data replication provides a solution for managing data files efficiently in large grids. The data replication helps in enhancing the data availability which reduces the overall access time(More)
This interactive project uses the metaphor of human sleep and dreaming to present a novel paradigm that helps address problems in adaptive user interface design. Two significant problems in adaptive interfaces are: interfaces that adapt when a user does not want them to do so, and interfaces where it is hard to understand how it changed during the process(More)
Resource Discovery in Grids is critical for efficient resource allocation and management. Heterogeneous nature and dynamic availability of resources make resource discovery a challenging task. As numbers of nodes are increasing from tens to thousands, scalability is essentially desired. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) techniques, on the other hand, provide effective(More)
Cloud computing has rapidly emerged as a widely accepted computing paradigm, but the research on Cloud computing is still at an early stage. Cloud computing provides many advanced features but it still has some shortcomings such as relatively high operating cost and environmental hazards like increasing carbon footprints. These hazards can be reduced up to(More)
Grid is collection of heterogeneous resources. The availability and searching the appropriate resources for job execution determine the computing performance of grid. In this paper a model namely ‘Decentralized P2P Grid Resources Discovery’ has been proposed and designed with prototype implementation. This model uses the resources information(More)
Fault tolerance in cloud computing platform is a crucial issue as it guarantees the availability, performance and reliability of the applications. In order to achieve the availability, reliability, performance, robustness and dependability in cloud computing, failure should be accessed and handled effectively. This paper discusses the better understanding(More)
The paper proposes an algorithm for intelligent cluster head (CH) election in clustered-AODV-based routing. Initially, the K-mean for clustering the MANET nodes have been used according to their distances between them. Next, the intelligent CH election using soft computing techniques that includes sequential hybrid Fuzzy-Genetic controller for this decision(More)
An Ad-Hoc network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes forming a temporary network without the aid of any established infrastructure or centralized administration. The topology of connections between nodes in ad hoc networks may be quite dynamic. Ad hoc networks require a highly adaptive routing scheme to deal with the frequent topology changes. In this(More)