Anju Aggarwal

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Reasons for the low coverage of immunization vary from logistic ones to those dependent on human behaviour. The study was planned to find out: (a) the immunization status of children admitted to a paediatric ward of tertiary-care hospital in Delhi, India and (b) reasons for partial immunization and non-immunization. Parents of 325 consecutively-admitted(More)
Injuries are one of the leading causes of death and disability in Europe. Within Europe, death rates due to injuries are 60% higher in Eastern compared to Western Europe. This is especially due to unintentional injuries such as road traffic injuries, which is the 2nd leading cause of death in those 5-29 years. The cost of injuries is estimated at 1-2% of(More)
Intravenous loading is required to reach therapeutic levels of antiepileptic drugs. Valproate, the drug of choice for most epilepsy, may be a better option than phenytoin. In total, 100 children (aged 3-12 years) with motor focal seizures or generalized seizures (second episode) were randomized to receive valproate (20 mg/kg) or phenytoin (20 mg/kg).(More)
Evidence suggests that carbamazepine affects bone metabolism by altering vitamin D status. We prospectively compared 25-hydroxyvitamin D, parathormone, calcium, phosphorus, and alkaline phosphatase levels at initiation and 6 months of carbamazepine therapy in children, and correlated them with carbamazepine levels. We included 47 children newly diagnosed(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the practice of complementary feeding (CF) in infants 6 month to 2 year, knowledge of mothers regarding CF, and reasons for inappropriate CF practices. METHODS CF practices were assessed in children aged 6 months to 2 years using semi-structured questionnaire. Demographic profile and mother's knowledge regarding CF was recorded. Cause(More)
Chitosan microspheres loaded with indomethacin were prepared using only aqueous solvents. The influence of formulation variables on indomethacin content in the microspheres and time for release of 66.6% of indomethacin from the microspheres was investigated. Amongst various variables, the indoemthacin:chitosan ratio and amount of crosslinking agent were(More)
We prospectively studied the effect of carbamazepine (CBZ) therapy on serum lipids and liver function tests in 28 patients and 28 age and sex matched controls. The mean age of patients was 8.29 years, duration of therapy with CBZ 10.3 months and dose of CBZ 13.1 mg/dL. The patients and controls were comparable in weight, height and BMI. Mean +/- SD of(More)
We conducted a case control study to evaluate the effect of phenytoin and valproic acid on serum lipids and liver function tests in epileptic children. Seventy-nine children receiving at least 6 months of antiepileptic monotherapy were categorized into two groups, depending on whether they were receiving phenytoin or valproic acid. Age matched healthy(More)
AIM To study the profile of children with developmental delay and microcephaly. MATERIALS AND METHODS Children attending child development clinic with developmental delay were evaluated as per protocol. Z scores of head circumference were calculated using WHO charts. Clinical, radiological and etiological profile of those with microcephaly and those(More)