Anjo Anjewierden

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In this paper we investigate the application of data mining methods to provide learners with real-time adaptive feedback on the nature and patterns of their on-line communication while learning collaboratively. We derived two models for classifying chat messages using data mining techniques and tested these on an actual data set [16]. The reliability of the(More)
In this paper we investigate how retrieving information can be improved through task related indexing of documents based on ontologies. Different index types, varying from content­based keywords to structured task­based indexing ontologies are compared in an experiment that simulates the task of creating instructional material from a database of source(More)
Scanning the internal and external environment of an organisation to trace current and emerging topics of discourse, is an important task for knowledge management. Results of this scanning process can be used to anticipate on new developments and for detecting possible knowledge bottlenecks. This paper addresses the unobtrusive identification of conceptual(More)