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The main objective of this study was to compare methods to estimate the number of trees and individual tree height using LiDAR data and aerial photography. A Korean pine tree study area for these techniques was selected the methods of watershed segmentation, region-growing segmentation, and morphological filtering were compared to estimate their accuracy.(More)
Pure surface materials denoted by endmembers play an important role in hyperspectral processing in various fields. Many endmember extraction algorithms (EEAs) have been proposed to find appropriate endmember sets. Most studies involving the automatic extraction of appropriate endmembers without a priori information have focused on N-FINDR. Although there(More)
Canopy cover is one of the most important elements in concealing military structures and enemy reconnaissance. In this study, we propose an algorithm for automatic generation of density measure of percent canopy cover, which is an attribute of the digital Military Map product, using high-resolution satellite images of inaccessible areas. The thematic(More)
Attributes of sorghum panicle is a very important to assess overall crop condition, irrigation, and estimation of terminal yield. In this study, a novel method to extract sorghum panicle and estimate panicle volume of grain sorghum using an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is proposed. UAS data were acquired with 85% overlap at an altitude of 10m above ground.(More)
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) images have great potential for agricultural researches because of their high spatial and temporal resolutions. However, most UAV researches in the agriculture field have adopted vegetation indices without second derivative parameters related with a growth model. In addition, visible band vegetation indices in UAV researches(More)
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