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—In order to verify the authenticity of digital images, researchers have begun developing digital forensic techniques to identify image editing. One editing operation that has recently received increased attention is median filtering. While several median filtering detection techniques have recently been developed, their performance is degraded by JPEG(More)
Compression of encrypted data draws much attention in recent years due to the security concerns in a service-oriented environment such as cloud computing. We propose a scalable lossy compression scheme for images having their pixel value encrypted with a standard stream cipher. The encrypted data are simply compressed by transmitting a uniformly subsampled(More)
— One important aspect of multimedia forensics is exposing an image's processing history. Median filtering is a popular noise removal and image enhancement tool. It is also an effective tool in anti-forensics recently. An image is usually saved in a compressed format such as the JPEG format. The forensic detection of median filtering from a JPEG compressed(More)
Sensor pattern noise (SPN) has been recognized as a reliable device fingerprint for camera source identification (CSI) and image origin verification. However, the SPN extracted from a single image can be contaminated largely by image content details from scene because, for example, an image edge can be much stronger than SPN and hard to be separated. So,(More)
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