Anjana Sara Thomas

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A series of methoxylated chalcones with fluoro and trifluoromethyl derivatives were synthesized and investigated for their ability to inhibit human monoamine oxidase A and B. The chemical structures of the compounds have been characterized by means of their (1)H NMR, (13)C NMR, Mass spectroscopic datas and elemental analysis. The results demonstrate that(More)
Acrylamide is a toxic and potentially carcinogenic chemical. It was assumed that the mechanism leading to the formation of acrylamide derived from Maillard reaction, i.e. the reaction between reducing sugars and proteins/amino acids. Acrylamide is a substance that is produced naturally in foods as a result of high-temperature cooking like baking, grilling,(More)
Disaster is a sudden event bringing great damage to life and property. Managing a disaster situation is a challenging task. Disaster management is one of the most demanding applications in the field of emergency assistance and long term maintenance for refugees and displaced persons. One tool for improving disaster is quick access to accurate and updated(More)
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