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Plasmids and Rickettsial Evolution: Insight from Rickettsia felis
Background The genome sequence of Rickettsia felis revealed a number of rickettsial genetic anomalies that likely contribute not only to a large genome size relative to other rickettsiae, but also toExpand
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Rickettsia Phylogenomics: Unwinding the Intricacies of Obligate Intracellular Life
Background Completed genome sequences are rapidly increasing for Rickettsia, obligate intracellular α-proteobacteria responsible for various human diseases, including epidemic typhus and RockyExpand
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GeneOrder3.0: Software for comparing the order of genes in pairs of small bacterial genomes
BackgroundAn increasing number of whole viral and bacterial genomes are being sequenced and deposited in public databases. In parallel to the mounting interest in whole genomes, the number of wholeExpand
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A versatile computational pipeline for bacterial genome annotation improvement and comparative analysis, with Brucella as a use case
We present a bacterial genome computational analysis pipeline, called GenVar. The pipeline, based on the program GeneWise, is designed to analyze an annotated genome and automatically identify missedExpand
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Development and performance of a comprehensive targeted sequencing assay for pan-ethnic screening of carrier status.
Identifying individuals as carriers of severe disease traits enables informed decision making about reproductive options. Although carrier screening has traditionally been based on ethnicity, theExpand
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Identification of targetable molecular alterations in the NCI-COG Pediatric MATCH trial.
10011Background: The screening protocol for the NCI-Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Pediatric Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH) trial detects tumor alterations that are used to assign p...
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Coinfections of Multiple Virulent Adenoviral Species in Previously Vaccinated Patients
Abstract : Population-based febrile respiratory illness surveillance was used to monitor the effectiveness of the mandatory adenovirus vaccine administered to all US military trainees. Despite theExpand