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The U.S. Air Force currently is in the process of developing an Airborne Network (AN) to provide support to its combat aircrafts on a mission. The reliability needed for continuous operation of an AN is difficult to achieve through completely infrastructure-less mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper we first propose an architecture for an AN where airborne(More)
A scheme suitable for describing quantum nonultralocal models including supersymmetric ones is proposed. Braided algebras are generalised to be used through Baxterisation for constructing braided quantum Yang–Baxter equations. Supersymmetric and some known nonultralocal models are derived in the framework of the present approach. ∗ Postal address: Břehová(More)
Various aspects of the theory of quantum integrable systems are reviewed. Basic ideas behind the construction of integrable ultralocal and nonultralocal quantum models are explored by exploiting the underlying algebraic structures related to the Yang–Baxter equations. Physical meaning of abstract mathematical notions like universal R-matrix, quantized(More)
Defects which are predominant in a realistic model, usually spoil its integrability or solvability. We on the other hand show the exact integrability of a known sine-Gordon field model with a defect (DSG), at the classical as well as at the quantum level based on the Yang-Baxter equation. We find the associated classical and quantum R-matrices and the(More)
We explore a nonlocal connection between certain linear and nonlinear ordinary differential equations (ODEs), representing physically important oscillator systems, and identify a class of integrable nonlinear ODEs of any order. We also devise a method to derive explicit general solutions of the nonlinear ODEs. Interestingly, many well known integrable(More)
An integrable extension of the Calogero model is proposed to study the competing effect of momentum dependent long-range interaction over the original 1 r interaction. The eigenvalue problem is exactly solved and the consequences on the generalized exclusion statistics, which appears to differ from the exchange statistics, are analyzed. Family of dual(More)
Here we discuss two many-particle quantum systems, which are obtained by adding some nonhermitian but PT (i.e. combined parity and time reversal) invariant interaction to the Calogero model with and without confining potential. It is shown that the energy eigenvalues are real for both of these quantum systems. For the case of extended Calogero model with(More)