Anjan Kundu

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—The U.S. Air Force currently is in the process of developing an Airborne Network (AN) to provide support to its combat aircrafts on a mission. The reliability needed for continuous operation of an AN is difficult to achieve through completely infrastructure-less mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper we first propose an architecture for an AN where airborne(More)
q-bosonic realization of the underlying Yang–Baxter algebra is identified for a series of quantum integrable systems, including some new models like two-mode q-bosonic model leading to a coupled two-component derivative NLS model, wide range of q-deformed matter-radiation models, q-anyon model etc. Result on a new exactly solvable interacting anyon gas,(More)
The sine-Gordon model with a variable mass (VMSG) appears in many physical systems, ranging from the current through a nonuniform Josephson junction to DNA-promoter dynamics. Such models are usually nonintegrable with solutions found numerically or perturbatively. We construct a class of VMSG models, integrable at both the classical and the quantum levels(More)
We define and illustrate the novel notion of dual integrable hierarchies, on the example of the nonlinear Schrödinger (NLS) hierarchy. For each integrable nonlinear evolution equation (NLEE) in the hierarchy, dual integrable structures are characterized by the fact that the zero-curvature representation of the NLEE can be realized by two Hamiltonian(More)
Applying braided Yang–Baxter equation quantum integrable and Bethe ansatz solvable 1D anyonic lattice and field models are constructed. Along with known models we discover novel lattice anyonic and q-anyonic models as well as nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLS) and the derivative NLS quantum field models involving anyonic operators, N-particle sectors of(More)
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