Anjan Kumar Saha

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DEK is a biochemically distinct, conserved nonhistone protein that is vital to global heterochromatin integrity. In addition, DEK can be secreted and function as a chemotactic, proinflammatory factor. Here we show that exogenous DEK can penetrate cells, translocate to the nucleus, and there carry out its endogenous nuclear functions. Strikingly, adjacent(More)
Approximately 8% of the human genome consists of sequences of retroviral origin, a result of ancestral infections of the germ line over millions of years of evolution. The most recent of these infections is attributed to members of the human endogenous retrovirus type-K (HERV-K) (HML-2) family. We recently reported that a previously undetected, large group(More)
Novel therapeutics are required for improving the management of chronic inflammatory diseases. Aptamers are single-stranded RNA or DNA molecules that have recently shown utility in a clinical setting, as they can specifically neutralize biomedically relevant proteins, particularly cell surface and extracellular proteins. The nuclear chromatin protein DEK is(More)
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