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Aim: The aim was to study the seroconversion and development of egg yolk immunoglobulins in adult laying White Leghorn hens immunized against an isolate of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) bearing K91 and K88ac antigens, obtained from diarrheic piglet. Materials and Methods: Adult laying White Leghorn hens were immunized with inactivated enterotoxic(More)
Cutaneous lesions in human patient due to the bite of rat mite Ornithonyssus bacoti are frequently misdiagnosed as allergies, fungal infection, or bacterial infection. Bite lesions in the personnel working in a Laboratory Animal facility which was infested with O. bacoti is reported here along with its therapeutic management. Diagnosis of the parasites(More)
A case of sarcoptic mange caused by Trixacarus caviae in a conventional guinea pig breeding colony is reported. The infestation was reported in a large colony of guinea pigs during the month of July, 2013 affecting 30 breeder guinea pigs. Severely infested animals were treated individually with subcutaneous injection of ivermectin 1 % w/v (Neomec®) at the(More)
AIM The aim was to study the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) technique in evaluating the local immune response of pig immunized with Pasteurella multocida bacterin vaccine. MATERIALS AND METHODS Weaned piglets were immunized with formalin-inactivated P52 strain of P. multocida bacterin and evaluated for pulmonary immune response in BAL fluid. BAL was(More)
During the post monsoon season of 2012, the ovitraps were employed for dengue vector surveillance nearer to human habitations in the Nilgiri hills of Southern India. All the eggs obtained were brought to laboratory, and reared individually to adult stage for identification. A total of 30 exuviae of fourth-instars larva specimen were identified as Aedes(More)
BACKGROUND Tropical rat mite (Ornithonyssus bacoti) is reported from many parts of the world and is considered important in transmitting rickettsial pathogens. There have been scanty reports on prevalence of this parasite from India. Following a recent report of O. bacoti infestation in a laboratory mice colony from Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India, attempts(More)
Rotavirus is prevalent worldwide and has been established as a leading cause of mortality due to severe diarrhoea in neonates. Isolation of the virus is a gold standard method for confirmation of rotavirus infection in the host. Propagation of rotavirus in cell culture is a challenge as in many instances the virus does not produce detectable cytopathic(More)
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