Anjali V. Kulkarni

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Casuarina is a widely cultivated plantation tree species in coastal India, primarily due to its fast growth, high productivity and suitable for pulp and paper production. However, genetic studies of Casuarina have been hindered by lack of genomic resources and genetic markers. Knowledge of the genetic diversity and population structure of Casuarina(More)
In the present work the concepts of dynamic template matching and frame differencing have been used to implement a robust automated single object tracking system. In this implementation a monochrome industrial camera has been used to grab the video frames and track an object. Using frame differencing on frame-by-frame basis a moving object, if any, is(More)
Electrochemical discharge can be effectively and economically used for machining of a wide range of conducting and non-conducting materials, ceramics, and composites. This can be also used for selective deposition of metals and micro welding. Its potentials for rapid prototyping of small metallic parts have been vindicated. All these processes require(More)
The video frame mainly consists of foreground and background objects. For effective detection and tracking of moving objects background subtraction is a very important part of surveillance applications for successful segmentation of objects from video sequences. In this paper we mainly survey these methods for autonomous detection and tracking of moving(More)
Fabrication and analysis of microchannels on glass (coverslip) substrate are presented here. Microchannels are fabricated by using electrochemical spark micromachining process developed in house. The said process is evolved for machining of non-metals. The paper discusses in brief, the design and development of the experimental set-up along with the(More)
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