Anjali U. Pandit

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Self-aggregation of isolated plant light-harvesting complexes (LHCs) upon detergent extraction is associated with fluorescence quenching and is used as an in vitro model to study the photophysical processes of nonphotochemical quenching (NPQ). In the NPQ state, in vivo induced under excess solar light conditions, harmful excitation energy is safely(More)
OBJECTIVE To systematically review mobile applications currently available to patients to support outpatient medication self-management. METHODS Three online stores were searched in March 2013 using nine distinct search terms. Applications were selected if they supported general outpatient medication self-management for adults; they were excluded if they(More)
This short review describes how solid-state NMR has provided a mechanistic and electronic picture of pigment–protein and pigment–pigment interactions in photosynthetic antenna complexes. NMR results on purple bacterial antenna complexes show how the packing of the protein and the pigments inside the light-harvesting oligomers induces mutual conformational(More)
Medicine during their internal medicine rotations. Although our PGY1s have frequently won this award, three is a new record! Congratulations! A new residency baby! Lisette Rodriguez-Cabezas, PGY2, and her husband Tony welcomed baby Giovanni at Prentice Hospital on February 24th. Congratulations to the new family. The Rank List is in! We interviewed 60(More)
Studies investigating preferences for shared decision making (SDM) have focused on associations with sociodemographic variables, with few investigations exploring patient factors. We aimed to investigate the relationship between patient activation and preferences for SDM in 6 common medical decisions among a nationally representative cross-sectional survey(More)
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