Anjali Srivastava

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The goal of this study was to evaluate prostate cancer gene expression signatures associated with elevated body mass index (BMI). Global gene expression profiles of prostate tumor cells and matching normal epithelial cells were compared between patients with features of normal and high BMI at the time of radical prostatectomy. Knowledge-based analyses(More)
This report was prepared for the New Jersey Department of Human Services, under Contract No. A87041. Any opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the New Jersey Department of Human Services. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution many people made to this(More)
Tocopherol succinate (TS) has been shown to protect mice against acute radiation syndrome, however, its exact mechanism of action and its possible use in humans has not yet been evaluated. Our approach has been to test the radioprotectant properties of TS on CD34-positive stem cells from healthy volunteers. We hypothesize that a radioproteomics strategy can(More)
Most food additives act either as preservatives or enhancer of palatability. One of such food additive is Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and it is sold in most open markets and stores as Ajinomoto. MSG improves the palatability of meals and thus influences the appetite centre positively with it resultant increase in body weight.MSG is toxic to human and(More)
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