Anjali Dasgupta

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One hundred eighty cases of cervical lymphadenopathy have been studied by fine needle aspiration cytological examination followed by histopathologic examination of the excised lymph nodes. The diagnostic accuracy was 84.4% for tuberculous lymphadenitis by fine needle aspiration cytological examination. Observation of caseous necrosis (84.2%) and epithelioid(More)
Analysis of 345 polypoidal masses in nose and nasal sinuses with clinical diagnosis of nasal polyp, observed in 10 years, revealed 175 (50.7%) non- neoplastic lesions and 170 (49.3%) neoplasms. Among the non- neoplastic lesions, there were 110 cases (62.8%) of true nasal polyps including 74 cases (67.3%) of allergic polyps and 36 (32.7%) inflammatory ones.(More)
The diagnostic utility of fine needle aspiration cytology as initial work up of salivary gland enlargement was assessed in one hundred and eighty-five salivary gland specimens over three years period and corroborated with histopathology, whenever feasible. All smears were evaluated according to cell size, amount of cytoplasm, cytologic atypia and presence(More)
Nucleolar organiser regions (NORs) demonstrated by argyrophilia of NOR-proteins are indicator of cellular proliferative activity. The NORs can be identified in the nuclei as brown or black dots with silver colloidal staining technique in formalin fixed paraffin sections and in cytology smears. Seventy-five cases including 45 tissue sections and 30 fine(More)
Histopathological study of 10 cases sclerema neonatorum showed subcutaneous fibrosis with lobulation in all the cases. 8 (80 percent) cases showed non-specific chronic inflammation of dermis and thinning of epidermis with atrophy of rete pegs and hypercollgenisation of dermis was evident in 70 percent cases. Fat necrosis with crystallisation of fat content(More)
A female aged 49 years presented with pain and progressive swelling of right lower abdomen. She was operated upon and gross examination revealed a proliferative growth in the fimbrial end of the right fallopian tube. Microscopically the tumour comprised of adenocarcinoma and component of spindle cell stromal sarcoma with areas of chondrosarcoma as(More)