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The diagnostic utility of fine needle aspiration cytology as initial work up of salivary gland enlargement was assessed in one hundred and eighty-five salivary gland specimens over three years period and corroborated with histopathology, whenever feasible. All smears were evaluated according to cell size, amount of cytoplasm, cytologic atypia and presence(More)
A 40-year-old woman presented with a scalp swelling. A careful clinical examination revealed a left-sided deep-seated thyroid nodule. Fine needle aspiration from both sites disclosed a microfollicular architectural pattern on Giemsa stain and pale nuclei with nuclear grooves on Papanicolaou stain, indicating the possibility of follicular variant of(More)
To evaluate the role of CT guided FNAC as diagnostic and supportive investigation for thoracic lesions, 190 patients were studied during two years period from March 2003 to February 2005 in our institution. A total number of 163 (85.8%) lung lesions, 22 (11.6%) mediastinal lesions and 05 (2.6%) pleural lesions were obtained; only neoplastic lesions were(More)
Choriocarcinoma include a spectrum of chorionic neoplasms that may be gestational or non-gestational. By virtue of their high vascularity and affinity of trophoblast for blood vessels, metastases often occur early, and the most common site of such metastases is the lung. Metastatic pleural effusions from choriocarcinoma are infrequent. Pleural seeding(More)
BACKGROUND Till today, there has been some hesitation to accept the role of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in pelvic mass. We have tried to study the role of ultrasonography (USG) and computed tomography (CT) guided FNAC as diagnostic and supportive investigation for ovarian tumors. AIM To evaluate the current status of image-directed percutaneous(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical as well as histomorphologic features in different cases of endometrial hyperplasia along with its relative occurrence. MATERIALS AND METHODS A one-and-a-half-year prospective study was conducted on histopathologically diagnosed cases of endometrial hyperplasia in a tertiary care hospital. Apart from relevant clinical(More)
Incidence of cancer in India is lower than in the West and the commonly affected sites are very different. Cancers of the upper alimentary and respiratory tracts (oral cavity, pharynx, larynx) contribute more than half of the cancers in men and about a quarter in women. Indigenous habits of chewing and smoking seem to be primarily responsible for the high(More)
A female aged 49 years presented with pain and progressive swelling of right lower abdomen. She was operated upon and gross examination revealed a proliferative growth in the fimbrial end of the right fallopian tube. Microscopically the tumour comprised of adenocarcinoma and component of spindle cell stromal sarcoma with areas of chondrosarcoma as(More)
Recurrent chondroblastoma with pulmonary and palatal metastasis is a rare occurrence. We report the cytological and histological findings of such a case in a 33 years old male, where the primary diagnosis of metastatic chondroblastoma was made on FNAC, which was later confirmed on histopathology. The present case highlights that, some chondroblastomas do(More)