Anjali Agrawal

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Chronic constipation can lead to fecal impaction. It can also rarely lead to catastrophic complications like perforation, colonic obstruction, and fecal peritonitis. We report a rare case of stercoral sigmoid colonic perforation with fecal peritonitis and pneumoperitoneum, which was diagnosed on preoperative CT scan.
International teleradiology services (ITS) to the United States are based on the principle of deploying American board-certified radiologists across global time zones to optimally distribute the workload. While errors may be reduced by circumventing the traditional night call, there is limited evidence on the actual error rates of teleradiology groups. We(More)
Computed tomography (CT) chest is widely used as an adjunct to clinical examination and pulmonary function tests in the evaluation of unexplained dyspnoea. In such patients, heterogeneous lung attenuation is a common finding on CT. Heterogeneous lungs can be caused by varying regional aeration, varying regional perfusion, and ground glass opacities (GGO)(More)
Radiology: Volume 270: Number 2—February 2014 n 631 pants and fibrotic ILA present in about 2%. The latter progressed in about 37% of patients at 2-year follow-up CT. The presence of ILA was associated with current smoking status and the total amount of cigarette consumption. These findings demonstrate that lung cancer screening(More)
Study compares the quality and quantity of sericin obtained from four sources, namely mulberry silk cocoons, silk flats, reeling silk waste and woven silk fabric. Sericin has been extracted using the conventional HTHP machine as well as IR heating machine. Results show that among the four sources, the maximum yield of sericin (28%) is obtained from silk(More)
Emergency radiology is being recognized as an important and distinct specialty of radiology which merits utmost attention of educators, radiology program curricula committees, and radiology practices in India. Providing an accurate but timely diagnosis requires a skilled judgement and a strong process framework, particularly in acute trauma setting or a(More)
Emergency radiology requires rapid and accurate interpretation of imaging examinations. Missed findings may lead to adverse outcomes. Double reporting may be used to minimize errors. Limited contemporaneous double reporting may be most efficient and cost-effective, but no data exists. This study is intended to examine the benefits of double reading and(More)
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