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In this paper, we present results from the ongoing research project <i>expertAzubi</i> that seeks to foster the learning experiences from teen-aged children in work context by providing a Web 2.0 platform, in which they can collaborate and build a community. This target group grew up as so-called "Digital Natives". Due to a lack of established concepts how(More)
Today's teenagers do not only present an age group neglected in HCI literature [8]. Current teens have grown up with omnipresent digital media and Internet access and feel very comfortable navigating though social software applications. This imposes challenges on established HCI methods such as usability testing. In our case study, we report on a usability(More)
This SIG will provide child-computer interaction researchers and practitioners an opportunity to discuss four topics that represent new challenges and opportunities for the community. The four areas are: interactive technologies for children under the age of five, technology for inclusion, privacy and information security in the age of the quantified self,(More)
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