Anja Wiechmann

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The legume genus Mimosa has > 500 species, with two major centres of diversity, Brazil (c. 350 spp.) and Mexico (c. 100 spp.). In Brazil most species are nodulated by Burkholderia. Here we asked whether this is also true of native and endemic Mexican species. We have tested this apparent affinity for betaproteobacteria by examining the symbionts of native(More)
We have used differential scanning calorimetry and fluorescence anisotropy measurements to investigate the effect of five inhalation anaesthetics of diverse chemical structure (halothane, enflurane, n-pentane, chloroform and diethylether) on the phase behaviour of liposomes prepared from dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) and(More)
Evidence is presented that progametangia in both the plus and the minus mating types of Mucor mucedo can be induced by one substance, namely (-)-trisporic acid B. A method is described for the determination of the concentration of the sex factors (trisporone, trisporic acid B, trisporic acid C) in mated cultures of Mucorales by polarography. It can be(More)
Oxygen consumption following isometric tetanic contractions of single fibres and multifibre preparations of the tibialis anterior muscle of Rana temporaria was determined by continuous polarographic measurement of the PO2 in a 280 microliter glass chamber. Mixing of the fluid surrounding the muscle was achieved by an Archimedian screw. Force was measured(More)
The regulatory bodies request full sequence data assessment both for innovator and biosimilar monoclonal antibodies (mAbs). Full sequence coverage is typically used to verify the integrity of the analytical data obtained following the combination of multiple LC-MS/MS datasets from orthogonal protease digests (so called "bottom-up" approaches). Top-down or(More)
Flow dialysis can be used to measure (i) ligand binding to macromolecules and (ii) the size of transmembrane ion gradients. Generally an approximate method is used to calculate the binding or gradient parameters from the raw data. Here we present a simple but exact method and evaluate the errors that may arise when the approximate method is used to(More)
Using the radiofibrinogen test and perfusion lung scanning (2-phase pharmacoscintigraphy), the incidence of postoperative thrombosis and pulmonary embolism was determined in a group of 362 operated patients. Low-dose heparin administration (twice 5000 IU daily) was given to 162, combined heparin and dihydroergotamine administration (5000 IU heparin and 0.5(More)
The chemiosmotic hypothesis, formulated by Mitchell (1961), ascribes a central role in energy transduction to a transmembrane electrochemical gradient of protons. One way to test the validity of this hypothesis is to measure the energetic content of the proton gradient and compare it with that of the reactions generating (or consuming) the gradient, Such a(More)