Anja Talke

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The matrilins are a family of multidomain extracellular matrix proteins with adapter functions. The oligomeric proteins have a bouquet-like structure and bind to a variety of different ligands whereby the avidity of their interactions is dependent on the number of subunits and domains present. Here we show the contribution of post-translational proteolytic(More)
Mutations in matrilin-3 have been associated with common skeletal diseases like osteoarthritis as well as with the rare chondrodysplasias MED and SEMD. We have previously shown that the mutations p.R116W and p.C299S, associated with MED and SEMD, respectively, cause retention of matrilin-3 within the endoplasmic reticulum of primary chondrocytes, while the(More)
The human serine protease high temperature requirement A1 (HTRA1) is highly expressed in the placental tissue, especially in the last trimester of gestation. This suggests that HTRA1 is involved in placental formation and function. With the aim of a better understanding of the role of HTRA1 in the placenta, candidate substrates were screened in a placenta(More)
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