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The Drosophila gene optomotor-blind (omb) is involved in the development of a set of giant neurons in the optic lobes and possibly other structures in the imaginal brain. Adult flies have discrete defects in optomotor behavior. The gene has previously been mapped in chromomeres 4C5-6, together with three other genes, bifid, Quadroon and lacqueredgls. We(More)
The widespread occurrence of urinary tract infections has resulted in frequent antibiotic treatment, contributing to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance. Alternative approaches are therefore required. In the initial step of colonization, FimH, a lectin located at the tip of bacterial type 1 pili, interacts with mannosylated glycoproteins on the(More)
Urinary tract infections (UTIs), predominantly caused by uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC), belong to the most prevalent infectious diseases worldwide. The attachment of UPEC to host cells is mediated by FimH, a mannose-binding adhesin at the tip of bacterial type 1 pili. To date, UTIs are mainly treated with antibiotics, leading to the ubiquitous(More)
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