Anja Scheffers

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Working with a large temporal dataset spanning several decades often represents a challenging task, especially when the record is heterogeneous and incomplete. The use of statistical laws could potentially overcome these problems. Here we apply Benford's Law (also called the "First-Digit Law") to the traveled distances of tropical cyclones since 1842. The(More)
Tsunami events with extreme effects on sedimentary transport or considerable alterations of the coastal configuration are rather rare regarding human history, but considering geological timescales they occur frequently. At least 100 megatsunami in different parts of the world have been recorded in the past 2000 years—but presumably far more have failed to(More)
The Caribbean is highly vulnerable to coastal hazards. Based on their short recurrence intervals over the intra-American seas, high-category tropical cyclones and their associated effects of elevated storm surge, heavy wave impacts, mudslides and floods represent the most serious threat. Given the abundance of historical accounts and trigger mechanisms(More)
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