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The hydrolysis of cellulose into fermentable sugars is a costly and rate-limiting step in the production of biofuels from renewable feedstocks. Developing new cellulase systems capable of increased cellulose hydrolysis rates would reduce biofuel production costs. With this in mind, we screened 55 fungal endoglucanases for their abilities to be expressed at(More)
Endo-1,4-β-xylanases (EC hydrolyze the 1,4-β-D-xylosidic linkages in xylans, the most abundant hemicellulose in plant cell walls. Xylanase enzymes have numerous industrial applications, including the manufacturing of animal feed, bread, juice and wine, pulp and paper, and biofuels. In this study, two glycosyl hydrolase family 10 members designated(More)
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