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BACKGROUND Lifestyle changes soon after diagnosis might improve outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, but no large trials have compared interventions. We investigated the effects of diet and physical activity on blood pressure and glucose concentrations. METHODS We did a randomised, controlled trial in southwest England in adults aged 30-80(More)
The objectives of the present study were to assess total dietary fibre intake and the main contributors to fibre intake in the Belgian population by sex-age and sex-education groups and to investigate its relationship with BMI and waist circumference (WC). The participants of the Belgian food consumption survey (2004) were randomly selected. Information(More)
The objective of the present study was to assess animal and plant protein intakes in the Belgian population and to examine their relationship with overweight and obesity (OB). The subjects participated in the Belgian National Food Consumption Survey conducted in 2004. Food consumption was assessed by using two non-consecutive 24 h dietary recalls. About(More)
Circular dichroic spectra of A-DNA in 78% ethanol and of tRNA in water and ethanol solutions have been studied at different concentrations of NaCl. An increase in the Na+ concentration from 0.5.10(-4) M to 5.10(-4) M results in a shift of the positive CD band at 264 nm of the A-DNA to a longer wavelength, 272 nm. Simultaneously, the magnitude of the 210 nm(More)
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