Anja Podlesek

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BACKGROUND Suicide in schizophrenia is a serious problem--ideation rates go up to 40%, and approximately one half of patients attempt suicide at least once. The distinction between attempters and ideators is vital in everyday clinical practice. AIM To explore the association between psychopathology and suicidal behavior in a comparative study of three(More)
OBJECTIVE We explored differences between high and low-impulsive incarcerated individuals in the context of lifetime self-mutilation, suicide ideation and suicide attempt. METHODS A total of 1265 males detained in Italian penitentiary institutions were studied between January 2006 and December 2008. The study raters were specifically trained to(More)
AIM To implement and evaluate an educational program for primary care physicians on recognition and treatment of depression and suicide prevention. METHOD The study was conducted in 3 Slovenian neighboring regions (Celje, Ravne na Koroskem, and Podravska) with similar suicide rates and other health indicators. All primary care physicians from Celje(More)
This paper presents our work on recording a multi-modal database containing emotional audio and video recordings. In designing the recording strategies a special attention was payed to gather data involving spontaneous emotions and therefore obtain a more realistic training and testing conditions for experiments. With specially planned scenarios including(More)
A set-up for evaluating psychophysiological parameters during mental stress tests is described. The set-up was composed of a continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitor, skin conductance and skin temperature measurement devices and body heat-flux meter. Twelve healthy volunteers were tested using two different mental stress tests (Stroop colour-word(More)
BACKGROUND Different types of marital status are associated with different levels of suicidal risk. AIMS To study marital status change and the effect of its recency in relation to suicidal behavior. METHODS Suicide victims (1614) in Slovenia and matched controls (4617) were compared for incidence and recency of marital status change during the last 5(More)
BACKGROUND Postgraduate medical trainees experience high rates of burnout, but evidence regarding psychiatric trainees is missing. We aim to determine burnout rates among psychiatric trainees, and identify individual, educational and work-related factors associated with severe burnout. METHODS In an online survey psychiatric trainees from 22 countries(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this paper was to assess the prevalence of suicide ideation and attempts in Portuguese psychiatry trainees (adult and child and adolescence), and compare the data with the general population and other European countries. MATERIAL AND METHODS A structured and anonymous questionnaire was sent by email to 159 portuguese trainees of(More)