Anja Nilsen

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BACKGROUND Escherichia coli AlkB is a 2-oxoglutarate- and iron-dependent dioxygenase that reverses alkylated DNA damage by oxidative demethylation. Mouse AlkB homolog 1 (Alkbh1) is one of eight members of the newly discovered family of mammalian dioxygenases. METHODS AND FINDINGS In the present study we show non-Mendelian inheritance of the Alkbh1(More)
Regulation of actomyosin dynamics by post-transcriptional modifications in cytoplasmic actin is still poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that dioxygenase ALKBH4-mediated demethylation of a monomethylated site in actin (K84me1) regulates actin-myosin interaction and actomyosin-dependent processes such as cytokinesis and cell migration. ALKBH4-deficient(More)
ALKBH4, an AlkB homologue in the 2-oxoglutarate and Fe2+ dependent hydroxylase family, has previously been shown to regulate the level of monomethylated lysine-84 in actin and thereby indirectly influences the ability of non-muscular myosin II to bind actin filaments. ALKBH4 modulates fundamental processes including cytokinesis and cell motility, and its(More)
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