Anja Molter

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New liquid crystals having a non-conventional structure have been synthesised from a six-armed cyclotriphosphazene core, [N(3) P(3) (OC(6) H(4) OH-4)(6) ], which was condensed with polycatenar acids. Reactions were monitored by (31) P{(1) H} and (1) H NMR spectroscopy and the chemical structure of the resulting materials was confirmed by different(More)
The selenoureas PhC(O)NHC(Se)NPhMe, 4-MeC6H4C(O)NHC(Se)NPhMe and 4-MeC6H4C(O)NHC(Se)NEt2 were prepared and characterized by spectroscopic methods and single crystal X-ray diffraction. 4-MeC6H4C(O)NHC(Se)NEt2 was reacted with some Pt(II), Pd(II) and Ru(II) precursors to give heteroleptic, cationic metal complexes which were characterized by NMR spectroscopy,(More)
A series of both mono- and dinuclear gold(I) phosphine complexes containing monoanionic seleno- and thiosemicarbazones as ligands were prepared and fully characterized by spectroscopic methods and, in some cases, by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The in vitro anti-malaria activity of some of these compounds was investigated in chloroquine sensitive(More)
The title compound, [Au(2)Br(2)(C(27)H(26)P(2))], features linearly coordinated Au(I) atoms within P,Br-donor sets. The central portion of the mol-ecule is practically planar as quanti-fied by the Br-Au⋯Au-Br torsion angle of -169.9 (2)°. The P-Au-Br chromophores are twisted with respect to each other [dihedral angle = 52.3 (6)°]. The benzene rings on each(More)
Some indium(III), antimony(III) and bismuth(III) dihalide complexes containing deprotonated, tridentate thio- and selenosemicarbazone ligands were prepared and were fully characterized by spectroscopic methods. In addition, the crystal structures of some of the compounds were obtained. TGA and DSC analyses were carried out on selected samples to assess(More)
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