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We outline a powerful method for the directed evolution of integral membrane proteins in the inner membrane of Escherichia coli. For a mammalian G protein-coupled receptor, we arrived at a sequence with an order-of-magnitude increase in functional expression that still retains the biochemical properties of wild type. This mutant also shows enhanced(More)
BACKGROUND The connection of the variable part of the heavy chain (VH) and and the variable part of the light chain (VL) by a peptide linker to form a consecutive polypeptide chain (single chain antibody, scFv) was a breakthrough for the functional production of antibody fragments in Escherichia coli. Being double the size of fragment variable (Fv)(More)
Central goal of this research project was to transfer the empirical findings about children's creative-aesthetic activities [10] to the implementation and evaluation of software. As a consequence the medial-aesthetic interests and needs of the children should be increased and their perspective empowered. In cooperation with primary school children and(More)
Up to now empirical studies of digital drawing technologies for children have focused on the specific aspects of software. In contrast to that, the factors of the “hardware” and their effects on pictorial processes have hardly been investigated. This paper reports a pilot study on three different drawing devices in some English primary schools. The focus of(More)
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