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Digesta characteristics of dorsal, middle and ventral rumen of cows fed with different hay qualities and concentrate levels
The influence of fibre content of hay (H) and concentrate level (C) on local differences in the composition of ruminal digesta (ratio of solid to fluid digesta, DM, NDF, ADF and ADL content),Expand
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Influence of fiber content and concentrate level on chewing activity, ruminal digestion, digesta passage rate and nutrient digestibility in dairy cows in late lactation
The influence of fiber content of hay (low-fiber 47% NDF and high-fiber 62% NDF of DM) and concentrate level (high 50% and low 20% of ration DM) on chewing activity, passage rate and nutrientExpand
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Effects of physically effective fibre concentration of diets consisting of hay and slowly degradable concentrate on chewing activity in mid lactation dairy cows under constant intake level
Abstract Four ruminally cannulated Holstein cows (BW 615 kg) in mid lactation were used to evaluate the effects of fibre level (39, 32, 28, 24 and 19% physically effective NDF [peNDF] in DM) in dietsExpand
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Effects of fibre concentration of diets consisting of hay and slowly degradable concentrate on ruminal fermentation and digesta particle size in mid-lactation dairy cows
Abstract Four multiparous ruminally cannulated Holstein cows (mean bodyweight [BW] 615 kg) in mid-lactation (103 days in milk and 32 kg milk · d−1 at start of the experiment) were used in anExpand
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Research note: A method for studying local differences in ruminal fermentation in dairy cattle
A method was developed for studying local differences in ruminai fermentation. The developed sampler consisted of an acrylic glass container (460 cm3) with an aperture for digesta sampling, whichExpand
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