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Searching for meaningful aftermaths: donor family experiences and expressions in New York and Denmark
Experiencing the process of consenting to organ donation can be traumatic and devastating to organ donor families. By empirically focusing on Danish and North American donor families, this articleExpand
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"Make Sure Somebody Will Survive from This": Transformative Practices of Hope among Danish Organ Donor Families.
Based on anthropological fieldwork among Danish organ donor families and hospital staff in neurointensive care units, this article explores the transformative practices of hope in Danish organExpand
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Guardians of ‘the gift’: the emotional challenges of heart and lung transplant professionals in Denmark
ABSTRACT This paper deals with the emotional challenges encountered by doctors and nurses caring for heart and lung transplant patients. Organ transplantation enables body parts from the dead toExpand
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A Sense of Absence: The Staging of Heroic Deaths and Ongoing Lives among American Organ Donor Families
This chapter deals with particular human encounters of absence and loss as they are expressed by the families of American organ donors. After tragically losing a family member and saying yes toExpand
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From motivation to acceptability: a survey of public attitudes towards organ donation in Denmark
BackgroundOver the past three decades, public attitudes to organ donation have been a subject of numerous studies focusing on donor motivation. Here, we present a fresh approach. We suggest focusingExpand
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Transplantation as an abstract good: practising deliberate ignorance in deceased organ donation in Denmark.
This article investigates valuations of organ transfers that are currently seen as legitimising increasingly aggressive procurement methods in Denmark. Based on interviews with registered donors andExpand
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Transgressive ethics: Professional work ethics as a perspective on ‘aggressive organ harvesting’
Occasionally brain-dead organ donors go into cardiac arrest before reaching the operating theater. In such cases, the needed resuscitation of the potential donor stimulates a range of concerns amongExpand
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Organ donation and the ethics of muddling through
Organ donation offers opportunities for people in critical care units to help save the lives of other patients. It is not always easy, however, to handle the transition from treating a patient toExpand
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The public debate on organ donation and presumed consent in Denmark: Are the right issues being addressed?
The legal framework for organ donation in Denmark is informed consent. But due to the unsatisfactory number of organ donors, Denmark is considering changing legislation to presumed consent. ThisExpand
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