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The domains of Business Intelligence (BI) and social media have meanwhile become significant research fields. While BI aims at supporting an organization's decisions by providing relevant analytical data, social media is an emerging source of personal and individual knowledge, opinion , and attitudes of stakeholders. For a while, a convergence of the two(More)
The need for interdisciplinary programs for problem-based education increases. However, there is a substantial shortage of skilled boundary-spanning students, as prominently evidenced in the field of big data analytics. To solve this problem, this paper suggests a generic interdisciplinary IS curriculum process design model. The model considers education of(More)
The Singing Voice Handicap Index (SVHI) was developed in the United States for the self-assessment of patients with singing problems. It has been translated into German and its reliability and validity have been assessed. In total, 54 (35 female, 19 male) dysphonic singers and 130 (74 female, 56 male) non-dysphonic professional singers were included in the(More)
Currently, the German healthcare industry is a fast-growing sector. However, it has to face enormous challenges posed by the increasing lack of skilled employees. Particularly in the hospital sector, qualified staff is one of the most critical success factors. Therefore, it was analysed whether social networking services such as Facebook and the German(More)
Mit mooin (Massive Open Online International Network) baute die Fachhochschule Lübeck ihre eigene Plattform für Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) auf dem Open-Source-Learning-Management-System Moodle auf und startete von März bis Juni 2015 mit den ersten sechs Kursen. Im Rahmen der Plattformdemonstration werden die umfassenden Anpassungen der(More)