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The mortality of 8,964 heifer calves born in 122 dairy herds in southwest Sweden in 1998 to 2000 was monitored from January 1998 until December 2000. Farmers were requested to send carcasses for necropsy from animals that died from 1 d of age to first calving. Age and seasonal patterns of mortality were investigated using Kaplan-Meier curves. The median(More)
A salient aspect of the reform of the global financial system pursued by the G7/8 concerns the uses, misuses and abuses of governance conditionality by the international financial institutions (IFIs). The streamlining of structural conditionality will figure prominently in the agenda of the G8 Summit in Kananaskis, Canada, in June 2002. However, the debate(More)
Foreword As part of its Governance program, the Poverty Reduction and Economic Reform Division of the World Bank Institute (WBIPR) has sought to strengthen parliamentary oversight – especially in relation to the development and execution of the budget. One of the key questions that this Paper seeks to answer is " Can parliaments make an effective(More)
Patients with advanced systemic mastocytosis (SM) (aggressive SM [ASM], SM with an associated hematologic neoplasm [SM-AHN], and mast cell leukemia [MCL]) have limited treatment options and exhibit reduced survival. Midostaurin is an oral multikinase inhibitor that inhibits D816V-mutated KIT, a primary driver of SM pathogenesis. We conducted a phase II(More)
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