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To investigate whether subliminally priming for competition influences facial reactions to facial emotional displays, 49 participants were either subliminally competition primed or neutrally primed. Thereafter, they viewed computer generated avatar faces with happy, neutral, and sad expressions while Corrugator supercilii and Zygomaticus major reactions(More)
The study was conducted at Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad. Patients between 20 and 50 years of age who had positive clinical tests (Thomson’s and Cozen’s test) were included in the study. Patients with arthritis of elbow, cervical spine pathology, infection, myositis, previous elbow trauma, previous steroid injection, or surgical intervention were(More)
Fractures of the distal radius constitute about 15 % of all fractures treated in emergency department. Closed reduction and cast immobilization has been the mainstay of treatment of these fractures, but invariably it results in malunion, poor functional and cosmetic outcome.This study was conducted to examine the functional outcome of non comminuted(More)
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