Anja Kersting

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This study examines the neurobiology of semantic retrieval and describes the influence of gender, menstrual cycle, and sex hormones on semantic networks. Healthy right-handed subjects (12 men, 12 women) were investigated with 3T-fMRI during synonym generation. Behavioral performance and sex hormone levels were assessed. Women were examined during the early(More)
Purpose-With the illush'ation of a best practice example for an implementation of open access in a scientific institution, the paper will be useful in fostering future open access projects. Design/methodology/approach The paper starts with a brief overview of the existing situation of open access in Gelmany. The following report describes the results of a(More)
The examinations described here were made in order to answer the question - how often, in spite of suspicious CTG patterns during the second stage of labor, were the fetal blood tests normal, and a spontaneous delivery or a further propulsion of the presenting part could be expected? The data of 201 patients formed the statistical basis for this survey;(More)
NPS (aphasia or neglect) are a regular concomitant symptom of cortical, and, occasionally, subcortical ischemic lesions. In 19 patients with subcortical lesions (eight with NPS, 11 without NPS), F/V-SPECT was employed to search for changes in rCPR in both, lesions and ipsilateral cortex. Results were correlated with NPS and MRI findings. Compared to the(More)
Although the pathophysiological mechanisms leading to recurrent spontaneous abortion are still not fully understood, treatment schemes based on immunological principles have been advocated in recent years claiming that the production of the so-called blocking factor is being specifically stimulated. We investigated, retrospectively, whether active(More)
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